Creative Seasoning

So summer is back and will hopefully stay for a few months. When a new season arrives we sometimes ask ourselves: “Where was I last year at this time?” “How have things changed from last summer to this?” Our Creative Director, Eileen Riestra, could tell us what a ride her year has been.

It was just last summer that Eileen participated in an intensive design workshop with the world-renowned designer Massimo Vignelli. With his recent passing she shared a few words from him that she will always keep close:

“If you do it right, it will last forever.”

In this world of visual communication that is definitely our goal: to make a lasting impression, to speak to the world.  

But to speak to the world you need to hustle and bustle in it. Well things have certainly been hustling and bustling around here. DYAStudios has said present at an array of events and work experiences.

The end of 2013 brought our Creative Director a prestigious award for her and the team at DYAStudio: the Hispanic Graphic Design Award for GDUSA magazine. The piece designed for College Board of Puerto Rico and Latin America consisted of a brochure that folded into a square with the main programs that help students prepare for a high-quality college education.

Relocating for three months? Not a problem for Eileen! Between October 2013 and January 2014 Eileen was part of a brand development project in Ecuador. There she worked as the Marketing and Graphic Design Consultant for CIERPRONTI S.A.  According to this packaging and shipping company: “she contributed to the sales increment projection in time record, as well as putting our branding in a higher market position.” Having a unique experience and developing brand identity for this Latin American company was a very enriching way to say goodbye to 2013 and kick off the beginning of 2014.

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In a more recent series of fortunate events, Eileen was chosen to participate and speak at Talk Back Boston. On the fifth day of April she found herself in company of Mayor Martin Walsh and a group of successful local innovators from the creative community at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in Boston. The participating panelists encouraged entrepreneurship, creativity, and collaboration.

The AIGA gala in New York City was Eileen’s next stop. Being among people who contribute to the design world and who have inspired many in this profession is quite moving. This year’s gala celebrated AIGA’s centennial as well as recognizing great figures such as: Milton Glaser, Chip Kidd, Kenneth Carbone and Leslie Smolan, Dana Arnett, among others.

So what is summer 2014 looking like? So far Eileen has joined hands with the Veronica Robles Cultural Center, volunteering as a Board Member and sponsoring their activities in any possible way. The Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) defines itself as “a community based organization that provides music, dance and multimedia education in order to preserve, produce and promote Latin American culture in the Greater Boston area.”  Being part of this project fills Eileen with pride and joy to be able to encourage culture and folklore and create community with other great Hispanics.


And as our days promise to be busy and exciting, here at DYA Studio we will keep you posted on new projects and events that come up for us and our sister company Depict Brands. So soak up the sun, splash in the rain, create something new every day, and visit our websites soon.