Case Studies

Trinity College of Puerto Rico

Trinity College of Puerto Rico is an established higher education institution that wanted to increase their student enrollment and enhance its brand appeal. Our client wanted the institution’s mission statement and core values to have a lasting effect within an environment that resembled their teaching philosophy.

The Challenge

Our client needed an identity that would define the essence of their institution and their geographical location, in order to draw more local students towards their educational programs.

The Solution

An entire branding campaign was launched to position Trinity College of Puerto Rico above its competitors.  A new logo was created to embody the peculiarities of their geographic location, the institution´s core values and their identity as a source of knowledge for students.

Environmental graphics were used to create a space that embodied the concepts stipulated by the client´s mission statement. The space was used to instill brand awareness and to portray the core values professed by the school.


Brand Identity for Trinity College of Puerto Rico located in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Trifold Brochure with Program Inserts. 

Flyer Design

The Result:

Trinity College of Puerto Rico has become one of the most sought out institutions of higher learning, within the realms of its local vicinity. Student enrollment rose dramatically, and brand awareness reached new heights. This year they expanded their curriculum and have included more specialized courses with their Associated Degrees.


Trinity College of Puerto Rico signage.  


The Challenge

The client came to us with a need to establish a brand identity that would create global awareness of the company. Their logo was an illustration of the product that they intended to sell; thus, it lacked the simplicity and audience/brand appeal that a logo is characterized for.  Another aspect they wanted to address was its versatility as a company. They were in the process of expanding their operations, from European soil to the Latin American continent and needed to transcend language barriers that would prevent the entrance of their product to the new markets.

The Solution

GVCH Group Logo.jpg

We decided to create a logo for the company that distanced itself from the original illustration and focused on the product and machinery they were selling. Additional logos were designed for their different lines of products, in which the essence and substance of the product was portrayed in a subtle way.

In order to overcome the language barrier of Latin American markets, we translated their product´s literature and made it accessible to a variety of local audiences.


The Result

GVCH expanded their operations with great success. They increased their brand awareness and solidified their position as a top selling Jute products manufacturer.